We are a family company dedicated to the cultivation of fruit from 60 years.

We have gradually grown and upgrading varieties of fruit trees until today.

During all these years, we have been learning and improving our production process, up to the current expertise. Currently, the third generation is being incorporated hoping to continue a family work dedicated to the cultivation of fruit, with a view to a future broader market, with the intent of overcoming borders and find new export channels.

What can you offer a family before the big producers? The maximum control of our cultivation, harvesting the fruit at its optimum time.

“The fruit treated with the family”: something that we achieved our very effort. The satisfaction of a job well done.

Due to market demand, the knowledge of consumers and the different studies on our production, we have opted for organic production. During 2016, we made several studies of our fruit, where the results have been very positive. Due to this fact, we could sell our fruit and fruit waste 0.0, ie, without chemical residues. Currently we are in our second year of organic production, which means we can offer products in ecological conversion.

Vitorfruit looks to the promising future, in 2019 we can sell our products as 100% organic fruit.

At present our production focus in growing paraguayans (200,000 kg), pears (125,000 kg), nectarins (120,000 kg), apricots (45,000 kg) and apples (60,000 kg); providing a regular supply thanks to stagger our production. In figs and offer fewer pumpkins.

Today we offer our services to large companies as those individuals who want to enjoy the good fruit at the right time. Especially those interested in the quality of the fruit.

We are at your availability.